Our mission is to change lives by delivering new therapeutic solutions to patients with cancer and immune diseases.

The success of cancer immunotherapies in recent years has shown the power of using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. However, today’s immunotherapies work in only a subset of patients. We believe it may be possible to expand the promise of immunotherapy to more patients and more cancer types by leveraging the latest scientific discoveries about how immune cells work.

At Palleon we have made great strides in understanding the ways that cells recognize and react to one another based on the distinctive chains of sugar molecules coating their surfaces. Modifying these interactions gives us the opportunity to extend the benefits of immunotherapy, activating a broader spectrum of anti-cancer mechanisms and addressing processes like T cell exhaustion that currently limit the utility of cancer immunotherapies for some patients.

Palleon’s immuno-oncology approach

Palleon is advancing immuno-oncology therapeutic candidates for various cancer types. Palleon’s lead program, E-602, is planned to enter Phase 1 clinical evaluation in Q1 2022.