Our mission is to change lives by delivering new therapeutic solutions to patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases.

At Palleon we have made great strides in understanding the ways that cells recognize and react to one another based on the distinctive chains of sugar molecules coating their surfaces. Modifying these interactions gives us the opportunity to address the unmet needs of patients who are fighting cancer or autoimmune diseases.

Palleon’s clinical trial information

The company has initiated a Phase 1/2 clinical study of E-602 in patients with advanced cancers. The GLIMMER-01 study (NCT05259696) is now enrolling at sites in the U.S. For more information, visit clinicaltrials.gov

Expanded access statement

Palleon is dedicated to developing new therapies for patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases. At this time, Palleon does not have a program to provide its investigational therapies to patients on an expanded access basis. We encourage you to speak with your physician about options that may be right for you including ongoing clinical trials and approved medicines.