Our Platform

Our Platform

From Discovery to Breakthrough

Palleon’s Platforms

Palleon has assembled three distinct technology platforms to overcome the longstanding technical barriers that have hampered drug development in the glycoscience field: EAGLECONVERGENCE and HYDRA.

The EAGLE platform enables the development of drugs that disable immunosuppressive tumor glyco-ligands. EAGLE (Enzyme-Antibody Glyco-Ligand Editing) is a novel biologic molecule that delivers a targeted sialidase enzyme to the tumor microenvironment. EAGLE molecules remove terminal sialic acids from tumor glycans, regardless of the specific structure of each, which prevents these glycans from binding to Siglecs. In this way, EAGLE disables the immunosuppressive function of glycans, regardless of their individual structures. EAGLE molecules have demonstrated striking single agent activity in a range of pre-clinical models, and the company has nominated its first program, EAGLE-Her2, as a product development candidate to enter clinical testing.

Palleon’s CONVERGENCE platform targets Siglec inhibition as an anti-cancer strategy. The Siglec family is characterized by significant differences between species – humans have 10 distinct Siglecs that are not present in mice, and mice have 5 Siglecs that are not found in humans. The CONVERGENCE platform integrates human Siglec biology into every step of the drug development process, including animal models, which allows Palleon to target the Siglecs as a new class of receptors for antibody therapeutics. Palleon has programs targeting multiple Siglec receptors.

Palleon’s HYDRA platform is a diagnostic technology, which allows patient stratification based on deciphering a patient’s specific tumor surface glycan pattern, or tumor glyco-code. The HYDRA technology simplifies the structural heterogeneity of tumor surface glycans by characterizing them by their function rather than by their structure.

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